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  • Cosmetics are substances used to enhance the appearance or odor of the human body. Cosmetics include skin-care creams, lotions, powders, perfumes, lipsticks, fingernail and toe nail polish, eye and facial makeup, permanent waves, colored contact lenses, hair colors, hair sprays and gels,
  • Avon’s beauty products include cosmetics, fragrances, toiletries, and skincare products. This category includes leading brand names like: Avon Color™, Anew™, Skin-So-Soft™, Advance Techniques™, Avon Naturals™ and mark™. Also referred to as CFT (for cosmetics, fragrance and toiletries)
  • Most make-up is petroleum-based, as are laundry detergents.


  • Of or relating to North or South Korea or its people or language
  • of or relating to or characteristic of Korea or its people or language; “Korean handicrafts”
  • a native or inhabitant of Korea who speaks the Korean language
  • the Altaic language spoken by Koreans
best korean beauty products

best korean beauty products – SKIN79 The

SKIN79 The Prestige Beblesh Balm BB Cream Diamond Collection
SKIN79 The Prestige Beblesh Balm BB Cream Diamond Collection
It is 3 effects function beblesh balm. By Adenosine and Arbutin ingredients which are effective in whitening wrinkles improvement cultivate more bright and elastic skin. Intercept ultraviolet rays UV A and UV B at the same time and protect your skin exposed from this sun more thoroughly. Diamond Powder and Jewel COmplex Powder of Ruby, Amethyst and Pearl make skin all the more radiant. A patent ingredient containing Natural Complex extract ingredients help improvement and care of skin trouble. How to Use: Apply an appreciate amount on the area of your face like patting at the last step of skin care.

Asia’s Biggest Food Street In Karachi

Asia’s Biggest Food Street In Karachi
Port Grand commands the indisputable position of being Asia’s biggest food
street which was inaugurated on Saturday (May 28th) by Governor Sindh Dr
Ishratull Ebad. It is officially open to public since Sunday, 29th May
2011. The launching of the venture claims to be the most innovative project
in the history of both this country and the city. It offers its visitors
cuisines from all around the world in one place. Besides being a hot spot
for eateries, Port Grand also carries a wide range of both international
and local shopping outlets for the visitors. The shopping and eating
experience which spreads on the land of 10 kilometers, expects 4000 to 5000
visitors daily from 11 am to 2 am everyday where some places will be opened
around the clock.

The first thing that catches your eye as you enter the world of extreme
entertainment is the shopping mall which carries brands and outlets from
around the globe. To the left of the amazing shopping mall is Napier’s
Tavern which features a fine dining with a mix of cultural heritage and a
breath taking view of the harbor. Another interesting destination within
the Port Grand is the Walker’s Pier’s which offers a dining experience on
the cruise. The Loop is another incredible dine-in restaurant which is
inspired by the era of speed, communication and connectivity with its bold
and dynamic designs and beautiful landscapes that promise an unforgettable

Asian Village gives you a snap shot of the entire Asian culture in a glance
with food and products that reflect Asian culture. The Asian Village
features Continental Cuisine from Chinese to Korean and Japanese dishes.
The Asian Bazaar’s gives the taste of the culture of the continent at
bargain prices.

To host events, fashion shows and other entertainment events the Deck is
the best choice. It is city’s most spectacular stage when it comes to
models ruling the ramp with ravishing designer wear or the musicians to
lift the crowd on their feet with killer riffs and face-melting guitar
solos! The most refreshing stop – Palm Groove offers fresh juices and a
live juice bar that gives hygienically and professionally extracted juices.

To give it a touch of Karachi and its heritage, Art Lane has indoors and
outdoors display-space which can feature live portraits and still life and
landscape images of the artists. It provides with an opportunity to for
upcoming artists to showcase their talent to those craving for art.

Another striking attraction of Port Grand is the Mermaid place which offers
the most delicious sea food. With its nautical theme and live dolphin view,
this place not only offers sea food but also carries an ice cream parlor
and coffee club.

Numaish, with its most beautiful landscapes and indoor and outdoor sitting
experience, gives you the street like environment of Karachi with its
beautiful restaurants cafes and outdoor lifestyle with live music.

Temple Point, The Galleria and Promenade are some other promising
destinations here at Port Grand which also offers Wi- Fi connectivity
throughout the complex. It is a city within a city with beauty salons, a
movie theatre, a super market, bakery, mosque, florist and many more
attractions to make the visitors never want to leave.

Port Grand is a new attraction to Karachi’s night life and a must to visit
this summer


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best korean beauty products

best korean beauty products

Biogem Revitalizing Hair Shampoo (235mL)
Through exhausting research, we have formulated the optimum hair care system that combines the best of both science and nature. The result is BIOGEM’s ultimate hair treatment made with organic and exotic plant extracts that provide minerals and vitamins enriched nourishment onto the scalp, and give hair natural beauty and vitality. BIOGEM shampoo leaves your hair clean and free from residues that build up from styling products. It revitalizes your hair from roots to tips. Its cleansing formula is gentle enough to be used everyday. This formula contains tropical moituizers that help dandruff, dryness, or damaged hair. Use it everyday. It works great on permed or color treated hair. For unmistakable tantalizing sheen, use daily with BIOGEM conditioner.